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Street Campaigning for the Unification of Korea

This is the second year of Voice Us's street campaigning–an annual event that serves to understand diverse people's perspectives on unification. With other international school students advocating for North Korea and unification, we went to Gangnam station, a bustling area in the heart of the Gangnam District in Seoul.

Standing in Gangnam station with our placard, we had the chance to interview people ranging from elderly to teenagers, and current soldiers. Asking their opinion on Korea's unification, we identified the concerns and hurdles people perceive in the process. Furthermore, contrary to our expectations, the majority of people replied that they are pro-unification as they expressed their hope and visions for a unified Korea.

All in all, today's efforts helped engage the public and provide insights into public sentiment. While unification remains a complex issue, these initiatives serve as a testament to the enduring hope for a united Korea.


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