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Fundraised ₩2,150,000 at the 2nd year of CI Bazaar!

The CI Bazaar was a vibrant event that was full of vitality among teachers, parents and students of all ages. It provided clubs with the rare opportunity of interacting closely with the entirety of the Chadwick International community.

Being part of the CI Bazaar for the second year was a meaningful experience once again for Voice Us. The bazaar was a great opportunity to introduce the club to other Chadwick members and spread awareness of our mission. Many customers, including Village(elementary) school students, were interested in the club and our activities. While introducing our club, we ourselves could once again ponder upon our objectives and the direction we are headed to. We could furthermore connect with other club booths in the upper school and draw inspiration from their activities. Watching various clubs come together for the bazaar, we felt a strong sense of community.

For our annual fundraising event that contributes to bringing North Korean children(KKotjaebis) to the South, we sold flowers, donuts, cup noodles, popcorn chicken, hot chocolate, coffee, juice, and water. Once again, the raised fund in the bazaar will be contributed to bringing North Korean children to the South.


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