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An Analysis of Human Rights of North Korean Children and Adolescents

Voice Us has published new research regarding human rights infringement of North Korean children. Last year, Voice Us focused on human rights violations in North Korea, covering the topic in a broader sense. This year, however, we delved into North Korean children's rights and sought ways in which freedom and joy can be brought into children's lives. Here, we referred to international children's rights laws and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) to analyze how the North Korean regime suppresses children's inherent rights.

There are three major focal points in this research:

1) Rights to basic health care

2) Rights to leisure

3) Rights to proper education

Voice Us is currently working on visual representations to aid the research. The research will be presented in June at the 2023 Seoul International Youth Conference hosted by the Youth Forum of North Korea Democratization(Two for One).


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