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Harmonizing Unity: Music Ensemble for Peace and Unification of the Two Koreas

As our first activity in the 2023-2024 school year, Voice Us took part in an ensemble that hopes for peace and unification of the two Koreas. We performed three pieces: Meditation from Thais, Canon in D, and Arirang (Korean folk music). Voice Us was the first to perform, followed by other student-led club organizations advocating for North Korean human rights and unification.

As we rehearsed the pieces tirelessly, we realized that the process itself was just as valuable as the final performance. The hours spent in practice fostered deeper understanding among our members, as we helped each other refine our techniques.

The concert hall was filled with anticipation and excitement; our main objective was to enjoy our time on the stage and connect with the audience to deliver our vision of peace and unity. As we began to play, the initial nervousness melted away, replaced by a profound sense of unity.

The ensemble has reminded us that when we combine our talents, embrace diversity, and work together with passion and dedication, we can create something extraordinary. Just as our melodies harmonized, we too can harmonize our efforts to create a world filled with unity, empathy, and shared creativity. Moving forward, we aim to carry the spirit of our ensemble into all aspects of our club activities and beyond, keeping our hope for peace and unity in our hearts.

Meditation from Thais performed by Jane Hahn (Vn.)

Canon in D performed by Eojin Park (Vn.), Brendon Lee (Cl.), Yewon Kim (Vc.)

Arirang performed by Bonyeop Koo (Vn.), Jiho Kwon (Ob.), Jane Hahn (Vn.), Eojin Park (Vn.), Brendon Lee (Cl.), Yewon Kim (Vc.)


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