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Fundraised ₩1,335,000 at CI Bazzar!

Voice Us was offered the grateful opportunity to participate in the CI Bazaar. For our annual fundraising event that contributes to bringing North Korean children(KKotjaebis) to the South, we prepared for the bazaar for months...discussing our menu list, how we will attract customers, decorations, and so much more! We sold snack bags, milk tea, twisted bread sticks, popcorn chicken, various beverages, and ice cream. Our booth was filled with customers, especially children interested in our activities. Not only could we raise a lot of money, but the bazaar was a great chance to introduce the organization to other people and spread awareness of our mission. We could furthermore connect with other club booths in the upper school and get inspiration from their activities.

Jessica, Eojin, William, Brendon, and Amy all worked so hard despite the cold weather, with smiles on their faces. The hard work paid off: we raised ₩1,335,000! We will continue the fundraising activities, so please stay tuned!

Thank you for all the support and interest in Voice Us! Below are some more pictures from the bazaar.


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